Evolution of mental slavery into the 21st century

Free yourself

Mental Slavery is far more sinister than physical slavery because the chains are invisible and are transmitted across generations. If African slavery was only physical, African people could within one generation, able to skip the plethora of social-economic issues which plague African people globally before the second chain came off. This is a far more complex subject than the physical. We are dealing with mental trauma. A lot of damages were done to Africans after slavery, which contributes to our deteriorating condition–including so-called integration.

Let us just cut to the chase and run the test. If you are someone MORE concerned with how racist Hollywood is than supporting conscious media. Why is it so hard for people to just support the little we do own that represents us.–then why do people keep complaining? Because that is the nature of mental slavery; it only wants to be a victim. For all the African historians who have dedicated their life to teaching us history, they would rather complain “someone has hidden our history.”

They tell you what to boycott, never what to support. And this is the greatest sign of an enslaved mind. Do not worry if they scream “we want reparations” or “kick the western man out of Africa” they are still the exact same mindset of the so-called “negro sellouts.”

They are more worried about how the Chinese are busy taking over African textile industry yet do not buy authentic African clothes. This is how you know you are dealing with a mental slave. A mental slave is forever looking inside the western world for justice. And nothing you tell them can make them see their role in their condition. They call themselves all kinds of names, but never do they offer their money to build anything tangible.

Mental slavery is a state of mind where discerning between liberation and enslavement is twisted. Where one becomes trapped by misinformation about self and the world. So someone can claim to be conscious, they can read all the books they can recycle the popular rhetoric but still be unable to balance real-world priorities and self-interest. They are always negative and suspicious of conscious work, always seeking to tear down and foster confusion.

If you give them water to quench their thirst, they use it to drown themselves. If you give them a rope to climb out of their situation, they use it to hang themselves with it. — ‘Alik Shahadah

Slavery, and other institutionalized forms of targeted race-based oppression has caused certain symptoms of dysfunction in the African community, which has been reinforced in each generation. The legacy of slavery has promoted and nursed the direct association between being African and being inferior, being African and being unequal, incapable and less worthy. It also promotes ways of thinking which continue to impede growth and development. Such as cultivating dependence and reactive behaviors. More content to be at best an observer complaining about the world, as opposed to being a change agent in the world. Content to be history’s permanent victim. Every possible solution is dismissed with yet another trite excuse.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds– Bob Marley

Mental slavery affects how people see their own reality. This manipulation has always been through mainstream media, religion, and education. So the opinions about reality are sourced—without any suspicion—from the very same people that said Africa was bursting with primitive cannibal savages; a place of no history, a place of no humanity—the dark and savage continent. And via these mass indoctrination devices the very same imperialistic colonial powers are still (without change in strategy) stating that; without Western “help” you have no hope, our ways are the best ways, our goods are the best goods, and our ‘human rights’ (aka quest for more oil) are good for you, you are better off with us, than with your own people. People remain gullible to the “gospel” of their former enslavers—despite all the sordid history in evidence. So the root of mental slavery is ignorance resulting in a poor grasp of information about self and the world, to function to one’s full human potential.


When someone is mentally enslaved, he does not understand that the guys dressed in fire protection gear, with fire hose, breaking down their door to rescue them from the fire are saving them. That is why mental slavery is worse than physical slavery. Because at least during Physical slavery if you got on board the slave ship and starting breaking the chains and taking people back to Africa they would all thank you and call you a liberator. Today, trying to free people mentally enslaved you get called names while they run away from you, and deeper into oppression.

We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. Mind is your only ruler, sovereign. The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind.– Marcus Garvey

It is critical that we understand the slave mind: Not the slave mouth. You can train someone to say anything; they can say “I am 100% for transforming African people” but deep inside the mind is that little slave who only wants “a more comfortable cage“. So when African agency and African economics hit reality they freeze up and go into slave attack mode to preserve the cage environment.

Image result for Ados founders

ADOS (Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore ) a self-hating  anti-African group hiding behind Reparations.














During slavery the scraps and leftovers of food and apparel went to the enslaved Africans. Today the crumbs, the fat from the used bones of Western propaganda still are staples of the diet of the subaltern. Blind allegiance to a system which has no recourse to any sort of higher human values. Copied aped, celebrated and applied by free men and women under ‘independent’ flags and anthems all over the world; almost oblivious to their re-applying the machinery of oppression.

What being oppressed means in the broadest and most salient terms is the occupation of ethics, logic, culture, thought process, long term thinking, critical thinking, and paradigms by those of the oppressor’s. So the beauty standard which is applicable to the European aesthetic is transferred, without modification, regardless of the incongruous state of beauty that is, to the oppressed. These models of beauty are desperately adopted—at all cost. Mental slavery created an inability to make reference to self, so that in both the contemporary and historical context identities, even those under the banner of “liberation,” are corrupted and sit upon the very platform of their oppressors paradigms, for the benefit of that oppression. Liberation within the structures that created the African ‘Other” is therefore relative—not absolute.

The discourse on post-traumatic slavery syndrome, popularized by Joy Leary, is part of the study of mental slavery. While that study looks for biological connectivity to the genetic ancestors of African people, this study reports on the patterns in human behavior, which includes economics, socialization, formal and informal relationships, ideology, work ethos, and all other related areas of people activity.

When you show a mental slave freedom, they are more likely to turn and attack you for disturbing their paradise: Liberation is their chains, and liberators their enemies.– ‘Alik Shahadah

More than the film Roots, of lives on a plantation exposed to inhumanities. The most violent product of chattel slavery is mental slavery. It expresses itself by creating, among other things, dependency and an inferiority-complex. It infects every concept from notions of beauty, values, and even the preference of “renting” over the prospect of “buying.” Many Africans globally, especially in areas heavily influenced by European domination, continue to wear their wealth on the outside (shoes, clothing, cars), while other groups wear their money on the inside (educational development) first. Mental slavery, also impacts African discernment. Because failure to know oneself also means failure to identify self-interest, it is often in this confused state the offense of oppression cannot be located in the minds of the mental slaves. It is no wonder they are given to attack the seat of their own liberation for minutia issues.

What I hate is ignorance, smallness of imagination, the eye that sees no farther than its own lashes. All things are possible …Who you are is limited only by who you think you are– Book of Coming Forth by Day



Did Egypt “steal” the chariot?

Even though i find it Pejorative to name ourselves ”BLACKS”, We need to understand the condition of being a victim and flush it down the toilet. It does nothing for us, it does not build industries it does not create Pan-Africanism, it does not support our businesses. It is just weak and a statement with negativities and inferiority. It is not a statement of pride—but another type of self-hate and inferior acceptance passed unconciously. Not a statement of facts, but a statement of ignorance. It is not a statement of truth, but a compilation of lies. And finally, it is not consciousness it is deliberate unconsciousness. It hands our condition over to a God-like race who is so powerful they can manipulate our minds like robots for 1000s years.

Everything is how someone did something to us. How someone hates us, how someone stole from us. Stole is a loaded word, what does it mean? That they invaded Egypt and stole all the books on mathematics and then later on went to the Dogon and stole all their astrological info and ran away laughing into the night? I think we see a state of civilizations learning from each other. Egypt saw the chariot and took it–just like every civilization on Earth. The kings of England saw the siege tactics of the Muslims and adopted them. What our real problem is, is lack of the capacity to develop the things we come up with. We have culture but failed to convert it in economic spaces and then someone comes and exploits it. Despite Europeans inventing all this technology it did not stop Japanese from becoming the masters of technology today. Had they been victims they would have lost control of their stories to the West and never own companies like Juki, Canon, Sony and Yamaha.

Our conditions were and are carefully plotted and planned to be this way.

This suggest a conspiracy where Whites (As they like to be called) sat down at the table and outsmarted us. So it means westerners are so smart they can organize sophisticated ways to deliberately oppress the African race. And while they did this 500 Years ago, we sat down all this time without coming up with a counter plan of our own? So we knew this was happening and stated it was happening, so why did we not counter it?

No, we are Not inferior. We are Superior and that is why they rape, pillage and desecrate Africa and work hard to dehumanize her people.

If we are superior, like how Aliens visiting Earth in movies are superior, how come they were able to rape and desecrate Africa? In the film Wakanda their technological superiority is used to keep them safe. The Superiority of America in WW2 is what they used to defeat the Japanese. So if we use the word superior we need to qualify how are we superior and getting kicked around by so many invaders?



Not all of us are fighting for the same type of liberation. Some are very happy if we got Denzel or Willy Smith cast in Spielbergs or Ridley Scott’s Ancient Egyptian film. Some are content if CNN gives us more coverage when we want to complain about how bad our western master’s treat us. As long as western universities publish the usual suspects and Neil Tyson is keep in the public eye as the token of “Black science” we are cool.



Some of us are looking to totally collapse that dependency model. We are not look for better integration, or inclusion or acknowledgment within western structures, but the establishment of African centered structures where we are the ones who own the institutions, the businesses, the economics and decide without any “help” or dependency our destiny. We are therefore not looking to rent space in the western world, but own our own space.

It takes westerners talking about something for us to add value to it. Then it is important and worthy of our attention. Only when a western fashion mag says these women from Sudan are beautiful do we start broadening our definition of beauty. When Stan Lee’s Black Panther gives the spotlight to Africa for 2 seconds all of a sudden AFRICA becomes relevant for a millisecond–until the hype dies and the westerners pen goes silent. Famous actors are the ones praised by Variety and Ebert and award by Oscar. My small and insignificant point is at the center of the black universe seems to be a small western star.


The essential problem that Kwame Nkrumah faces was how to transform a neo-colonial outpost of Western imperialism, into a real country and a modern one also. Initially once African countries gained political independence they looked up and discovered that they did not have economic independence, they did not have psychological independence. Ghana got a flag and an anthem in 1957 it didn’t get real independence. [Nkrumah] realized that he needed economic independence and when he moved for economic independence to reorganize the country he realized that he couldn’t move in the direction of economic independence with the old colonial state apparatus. And even though you may succeed in transforming the state apparatus to something which is more forward-looking, you also had to tackle the minds of the people, certainly the so-called educated people.–Kimani Nehusi

Mental Slavery

You could not have long term investment plans in your family (they could be sold away at any moment). Myopic thinking is a vestige of slavery, as no enslaved African had the luxury for over 300 years of thinking beyond the moment. So today a flashy car (instant gratification) takes the place of any long-term wealth (like owning a house). The need to sate the superficial is not exclusively created by mental enslavement but is heavily augmented by it.

Investment in education was futile in slavery and still this legacy continues. Mental slavery also impacts most of all value of self, value in seeing African stories. How else can we explains why the Jewish story in film and print is everywhere in the world despite Jews only being a World population less than the city of Lagos. And why is it the story of Africa (more than 1 billion people) is rarely told, and when it is told it is at the hands of European agents. Some Africans are so mentally confused that they are active agents of westerners washing and escaping from slavery, they will state “I am sick of hearing about slavery the past is the past.” The African voice, the African woman and man, the African relationships and African films and media have no value in the minds of those who have no value of self. And this pervasive legacy washes not only this contemporary African generation, but future generations waiting to be born.


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the American Psychiatric Association’s standard reference for psychiatry includes over 400 different definitions of mental disorders. They define a mental disorder as a psychological pattern or anomaly, potentially reflected in behavior, which is not considered part of normal development in a person’s culture. Mental disorders are generally defined by a combination of how a person feels, acts, thinks or perceives.

The first thing an afflicted person says? I do not have a problem. Despite all the empty alcohol bottles and the empty credit card balance—they are not sick. Denial. Redirection, are all medical signs of a mental disease. If someone was beautiful and started to tear their beauty apart they would be diagnosed as having a mental condition. Agoraphobia, Bipolar, Anorexia, Dyspareunia, Bulema, and . If someone destroys their beauty to achieve something which is not naturally beautiful is it not possible that person is suffering from a mental disease—like skin bleaching and extreme chemical treatment of hair. If a mother rejects a child, is that not listed under a mental condition? If someone acts outside of their own self-interest but in the self-interest of another person, clearly that is a brain misfiring. And that is exactly how mental slavery should be treated. Like Stockholm syndrome and all other mental diseases.


He lacks the power of organization, and is conspicuously deficient in the management and control alike of men or business. He loves the display of power, but fails to realize its responsibility… He has the courage of the fighting animal, an instinct rather than a moral virtue… In brief, the virtues and defects of this race-type are those of attractive children, whose confidence when it is won is given ungrudgingly as to an older and wiser superior and without envy…perhaps the two traits which have impressed me as those most characteristic of the African native are his lack of apprehension and his lack of ability to visualize the future–Lord Frederick John Dealty Lugard, The Dual Mandate 1))

Antonio Moore –I am more White than African

Like all mental defects or diseases, mental slavery is very hard to define. Bipolar disorder, despite all the medical technology, eludes detection by any know medical test. Likewise there are no instruments that can calculate the percentage of mental enslavement a person is suffering from. A person might be affected in one area, but not in another. It might subside for a while and later reoccur under certain stresses—like when a marriage breaks down, or when financial circumstances change.

Part of the criteria of diagnosis has to take into account patterns in group behavior—the group being African people. On an individual level you will find Europeans suffering from low self-value, they may have poor image of self, but this is very different because while on an individual level they have an inferiority complex due to inadequacies of their local self, they have zero racial inferiority as a collective. They do not look at their racial station in the world and wonder, like Africans do, what have my people contributed to modernity. They are in the extreme opposite set-up by every single thing—not dealing with whether it is true or false—reaffirms their “superiority” station among the races of human kind.

In some cases, like the capitalist greed running rife in South Africa, it is a problem borne of two mothers; the legacy of low self-worth created during apartheid, and the naturally occurring bling bling culture of a people who were isolated from consciousness. Apartheid, in this case, modulated a pre-existing condition. An entire dynamic range of discussion now emerges. What is what and what belongs where? When is it mental slavery and when is it plain old garden variety human stupidity?

Many use the term mental slavery as a political devices for labeling all behaviors which are outside of their political “solutions.” So it has become a catch all box for a wide range of behaviors some of which are totally unrelated to mental enslavement. Not every bad habit seen in African communities is the legacy of mental enslavement. Not every instances of crime in Detroit by an African American male is due to mental slavery, not every negative urban culture is due to mental enslavement. And it is critical to distinguish where possible between these things.


Self-hate masked in "love"

Love or Self-hate?

There are behaviors which arise, independent of slavery, from poverty. While in the case of many African people, poverty may have its roots in slavery, that slavery factor might be replaced by just the poverty factor. And one way to test it is to look at other situations where groups or communities have not endured slavery but display identical behaviors in similar circumstances. So poverty and poverty alone may be the consequences of obesity in America. Hence European-Americans, who have never experienced slavery—but experience poverty display identical habits.

In this case we cannot list obesity in unprivileged communities as a direct legacy of slavery in America. We must accept a multi-rooted possible in all of our analysis without resting all the symptoms on one agent. So our treatment of the subject will attempt to tie the contemporary behavior to a behavior directly related to something passed on through the generations, up from slavery.


To assist in a better understanding of mental slavery, we will posit 4 mental theoretical identity states.

  • NIGGERS: The Nigger, or Nigga as they preferred to be called, is the end product of White supremacy infected with the full strain of Willy Lynch syndrome to the point where they will burn their own bodies for food. Feed off their communities. Represent the most immoral pits of human existence. They are a liability to humanity period. And some mutated forms of the Nigger mind speak hot rhetoric and appear to be revolutionary as a cover for insecurities. They are antisocial walking bigots, who use words like “black supremacy” as a ruse to be thugs, ignorant and irresponsible.
  • NEGROES: The Negro is more productive in assisting the White supremacy system and well behaved and contained, he is the perfect companion if ever a western person needed a trusting friend. Even a rebellious Negro services slavery, for their rebellion is always first and foremost profitable to the system of oppression.
  • BLACKS: The Black (As some refer themselves), recognizes the problems with the aforementioned groups and is striving to be more, they are still doing this within the framework of the slave world and with the tools of their enslavement. The African connection is generally nascent and skin deep. Confidence and knowledge of self are the barriers to the state of being African.
  • AFRICANS: The African is a fully liberated being with identity, culture and purpose, with paradigms of his or her own agency. The African is a continuous journey which builds on the past to construct a new future of possibilities. And while the African mind-set is still searching, the African is at his or her intended ideological destination and busy with the business of growing.


Due to the lack of natural reinforcement in reality which in most people reaffirms their self-worth. Mental enslavement produces exaggerated behaviors one key one being the Big African Ego.

  • I will not join your project as I do not think it puts me at the center of attention.
  • I have no skills but I should be the leader.
  • I have no skills, I have no scholarship record, I have published nothing but I am more important than you and have all the solutions.
  • If you try to use rational arguments I will use vitriol, I do not care about right and wrong, I care about looking good.
  • I can shout the loudest so I should be the leader.
  • I need everyone to hear my voice to reinforce my egocentric importance, even if I have nothing to contribute.
  • I am not the best person for the job but I should still, at the expense of the project, keep better people marginalized.
  • I will accuse those who show me up with vitriol and accusations of being agents of the oppressor.
  • I will find fault, despite having no legacy, with everyone that does the work I am not prepared to do.
  • My primary concern is not with tangible solutions but with the applause I get from making impassioned speeches.
  • I demand respect without being respectable.
  • Do you know how important I am, despite not having any track record?
  • More important than an objective, is how important I look in the meeting.

Slave Ego and False pride: I am not really sure of who i am, I am afraid of being who I should be, so I will define myself by hatred of anything that I can classify as “other”, even internalizing it against people that look like me. That bigotry will make up for my own inferiority complex. I am confused so I will insult the faiths and cultures of those who are confident in themselves. I am torn down, so I will tear down anything that holds anyone up. I am lost and weak, so I will pretend to be strong by a culture of hate.
What does ego do? Ego tells the uninformed or incapable person that despite being the worst person for the job, they should still do it—to the detriment of all—at the expense of the cause.

Pan-Africanism is a centralized way of us uniting and using our conscious collective intellect to solve problems and bring out the best in each other. Pan-Africanism is not 1000 people doing their own thing randomly as fragmented people. We cannot grow if we are not prepared to listen and learn from our peers. Ego blocks this ability to listen; it means we know even when we do not know. Advise is meaningless because ego feeds off of feeling good rather than doing good. Consciousness is an intellectual challenge peers place on each other to create excellence in each other. Today vulgar individualism blinds this exchange, where a challenge to make someone better is seen as a personal attack. But how can consciousness be attained in a vacuum where by its very nature it needs to connect to the broader community for its source of wisdom and information?

Alexander of Macedonia had an ego the size of Mars. Now his ego was rooted in this ideology of him being son of Zeus. Ramesses II had an ego the size of the Nile and all its tributaries, but his ego was rooted in his great prior accomplishments and his self-belief in his divinity. Now the garden variety ego running rife in the African world is not rooted in accomplishments it is there to compensate for an inferiority complex. It is directly proportional to how truely low they think about themselves. So African ego puffs itself up beyond its pay grade and legacy. It loves to be called Dr. so and so, CEO, Vice Chair, despite barely having a track record of actual work done. It exist because it exist: “Do you know who I am? I am the crooked wife of a crooked useless politician with no education.” While others might have some source for their ego, African ego has none. It is in the leadership role not by any system of merit, but because it needs to stimulate a weak person surrounded by weaker people. In the real world they skin and grind and bow and scrape.


The ones shouting AFRIKA are terrified of being African. They shout Africa and like a turtle run back into our shell surrounded by all things western and familiar. Euro names, Euro clothes, Euro mindset, Euro Dreams. being Africa is a hobby on social media. Kevin 9-5 but at the weekend radical Kwam

Shallow African values

e, with a fist in the air and hatred on the lips. Beyond that they are radical on the pages of others and then on their private page is the narcissistic selfie trend, crying about how much they miss the star of “Fast and Furious”. Very opinionated but that is within the turtle shell. They have money and time for anything but the African


So how are they reading Malcolm’s amazing journey and coming back and attacking other African orgs? The answer is very simple. Because the only thing they know about Malcolm is when he stood in front of a window and said

This is all they know about X

“By any means necessary” that is all they know. As for Garvey not one word on Economics they heard, they just know him as a few odd quotes and a poster on the wall. Kwame Ture is a only a cool dude spitting rhetoric, nothing deeper they heard. Ask them what he said about organizing — they do not know. And this is why right next to the post about Nkrumah on Pan-Africanism they will post a message of religious hatred to cause disunity among the very people their previous post of “Let us unite”. There are vulgar contractions because their minds are still just as enslaved as the people they call Kneegroes and sellouts.


And what is  interesting is some are so mentally gone we will question and interrogate African owned and designed clothes with a microscope– these same people have no such urges when they go to the local mall to waste all their money on Chinese and European clothes. So wearing European clothes made in Bangladesh is ok, but when it comes to African clothes they need proof of ethnicity of ownership before they buy (and then they do not Buy).

Mental slavery mindset, Juporn did not support.

On Juporn Asapra Garner page (see comment in image above) he curses everything western an Arab and any African who he sees as a traitor. Yet see his statement of non-support when a post about Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) comes up.  He goes on to post about 5 signs of mental slavery yet is on social media voicing non-support on the suspicion that a 100% African owned conscious business empowering Africans in Africa is run by westerners. He does not know one of the 5 signs of mental slavery is always suspicious of people doing the work. He doesn’t know what African means or what Ujamma means because despite all the pretty memes on his page, he has a superficial engagement with Malcolm X, Amos Wilson, and all the titans he celebrates. When support is needed, not only is he not there, he is vocal at spreading distrust.


This is the fruit of so-called Afrocentrism decades after titans like Amos Wilson. This is what has become of their minds.


Linda Randolph-Ragin  mental slaveLinda Randolph-Ragin cursing an African owned company in Africa


Someone gets more kudos and respect for saying two nice words about Whitney Houston than for spending 2 years fighting the International Criminal Court’s policies against Africans. They will get more props going on TV and shouting about police brutality than one would ever get from creating new educational reform that integrates African history to 20 million people. Mental enslavement affects the logic centers of the brain, it prefers spectacle and feel good over real pertinent issues: Substance is of no consequence over spectacle.

Mental slavery also means a disconnection from reality. Like a child who wants things but is unaware how things are obtained in the real world. So only two points – a start and an end point – can be seen, all the numbers and steps in-between to get from 1 to 10 are missing. Sure we can see the importance of history and owning media, factories and image of self. Sure they want to own a African version of CNN and Random House, but all those “little” steps on the ladder that lead to owning these things escape us (such as unity, organization, investment of time, support, spending). Looking at the stars without understanding space flight will not help you get there. Sure we can see the importance of history and owning media, factories and image of self– yet spending on those things excludes us. Sure we want our own CNN and our own Random House but all those “little” steps (unity, organization, investment of time, support, spending) escapes us. We see the problem and then we see the objective, but all the steps leading up to that objective are vague.

I want my revolution, but I do not want to lose anything. I want to be healthy, but eat Chitterlings all day. I want the full pleasure of sex, but not the responsibility of marriage. I want all the freedoms afforded to me under this slave system, but I want all the perks of being fully liberated. I want my bank account to be full, but I do not want to work. I want to own my own house, but I do not want to pay the mortgage. I want to be African, but behave like a European. I want to be part of community, but behave like an individual. I respect the ancestors, unless I don’t like what I am hearing. I want justice in the world– unless it causes me to lose something.

Onboard the slave ships, the captives within minutes of landing in these alien environments, because only their bodies were chained, quickly sought to acquire knowledge of the workings of the ship to escape the condition brought about by the ship. They acquired the language of their enslavers, for the sole purpose of liberation. They acquired the information of the operation of the ship and the nature of their captors, again for the sole purpose of liberation. They understood that there were a series of stages, which were necessary to stop their captivity and return them to Africa. They understood enough that when the Amistad rebellion happened they knew to attempt to sail back to Africa, and not onto America. Today, there is a disconnection between objectives in the African mind and the process to obtain those objectives. The paths to the road ahead are obfuscated by the condition of being trapped inside a mind which is enslaved. The sense to ideologically return to Africa, has been replaced by the ideology of immersing oneself deeper in slave culture.

We never free a mind once it’s reached a certain age. It’s dangerous, the mind has trouble letting go–Morpheus

When you chain up a man in Africa and put them on a ship. They seek ways to return to Africa and their free state. You do not need to chain up mentally enslaved people. They do that on their own. You can leave them to run around the world and they self-impose slavery on themselves. Despite all the tools to Change your slave name, they continue to have slave names. All the tools to read about African history, they stop at MLK, all the tools to return to African culture. The Bible according to Eurocentrics still goes unchallenged, And they remain wrapped in the cultures of the people that enslaved them, while screaming out for change.


The problem with an excuse is it is inexhaustible, when it gets burnt down it rekindles itself by finding more excuses to fuel its self-delusions

If you see the communication system in prison to get around the guards, these brothers use invisible encrypted codes, like what Japan used in Pearl Harbor. Uneducated brothers capable of this level of sophistication, so is there an intelligence or ingenuity problem with our people? So what is it then? The exact same brain that can set up a crack network cunning enough to evade the FBI can be used to set up a neighborhood supermarket chain store, or a car wash, or a service that develops the community. Very unlikely to meet Prison Industrial anything when selling Milk and Cabbage.

The exact genius and problem solving abilities used for negative can equally be used for positive. So all these stories about slavery and the “man” as obstacles are moot. Where there is a will there is a way, as proven by all civilizations regardless of the stresses and obstacles holding them back.


If you were driving off a cliff would you like someone to scream and tell you? Or would you like them to smiles and say “Its okay…Keep driving.” In the Diaspora we have a pacifying bunch of dark skin jokers that help to keep us anesthetized to the drug of White supremacy.

I am comfortable in my chains because I can switch on the TV and see a dark skin Pres. I need not rise up. I can watch Oprah and Beyoncé be celebrated as “accomplishment for our people” every Feb I get to hear “I had a dream” If I am lucky I can get rich playing with a ball or rapping some hate, and get a western chick who will later drain me of all I earned.


Ethiopian Agency

Mental slavery is closely related to the effects of any group of people exposed to a dominant race-culture. In Arab or European dominated societies you will see identical effects on marginalized identities. In Han Chinese dominated societies, in Japan, or in India where the caste system is still rife. Most forms of oppression produces an inferiority complex, regardless of if it is cultural domination, religious domination, or class domination. So it becomes very hard to distinguish between what is caused by enslavement and what is part and parcel of cultural/racial domination. Therefore a free African who has no history of being a colonial victim or never had his ancestors enslaved in a remote village in Ethiopia watching American Television with all-western faces would have similar symptoms to an African American child or a South African child with that legacy in their history. The difference is that the Ethiopian, unlike the African American will have a positive cultural force competing with and acting out against the crushing power of the dominant race-class.

That counter-force, like a body reacting to gravity, creates enough identity pockets for them to retain greater agency and defenses against this assault. This is what happened to the Jews, who were subjected to a quick burst of Holocaust. Not long enough to impact on their religion or on their deep inner self-worth. And while their bodies may have been burnt in Nazi ovens, their sense of identity in the face of the dominant Nazi culture was skin deep—not so the African in the Diaspora exposed to 500 years of White supremacy.


Marriage was pointless if you were owned by the slave master. A person could be sold off at any instant. Everything is temporary — commitment is void when someone owns you. And we must, regardless of our marital status, be bold enough to see the errors that are outgrowths of enslavement. The destruction of people systems, the death of things that define our humanity. The temporariness of the enslaved reality meant also commitment was also fleeting. Long term arrangements in areas of marriage and parenting were nonexistent. And today the habits of enslaved people still run our relationships with each other. So a man can get a woman pregnant and simply abandon his responsibilities, this is slave culture. A woman feels no dishonor in having multiple children and no wedding ring. This is again only because we are a people void of culture.

Afrocentric self-image

Afrocentric romance which goes no further

The traditional view of mental enslavement in African Diaspora communities was to identity Uncle Tom behavior to mental slavery. This is not 100% accurate someone can be in total mental chained up, and still have a Malcolm X picture on their profile with the quote “The most pathetic thing is a slave who does not know he is a slave.” The mere display of what is termed “conscious information” is absolutely not a sign that the person has escaped mental slavery. All the pictures of Ancient Egypt on a Facebook page are not indicators or litmus test for the absence of mental slavery. Quite often it is just another type of mask on the face of mental slavery.

Because the underlying mental state, with the picture of KMT or not, is that of a person in a dialect relationship with their African self. The picture of KMT covers up an underlying self-hatred the same way paint can cover up a damp wall. This veneer is paper thin, a patina of consciousness, because outside of the quoting Malcolm or the Kemetic painting, the behaviors of that person in society may be identical to the person who is called an Uncle Tom.


In much of Africa the theory is if you eat enough crumbs from the master’s plate you will eventually get full.

Mental slavery promotes loyalty to the slave master, a form of Stockholm Syndrome. An ‘African’ person who is still trapped in everything the Western Slave System created; with a slave name, the language of colonial English and French, and a slave culture is still so loyal to Eurocentric society that they will tell you the Arab, Saharan and the African were worse than the one that still has them as the largest forced Diaspora in the world. This is mental slavery. So eager to take blame off of the agent of your oppressor and align your politics with the Islamophobic politics of the imperialist West.

It does not matter how many bombs Western nations drop, it does not matter how many genocides they have their hands in, it does not matter how many African Americans populate the prisons, it does not matter how many of the mineral resources of Africa are shipped exclusively to Western destinations, it does not matter how many African leaders have been killed by CIA et al, the West is still BETTER than Arabs and Chinese.

Every time you switch on the news an African American youth is being shot in the back. Does that happen in Saudi Arabia or India? These places are no safe haven for being African but have we lost our natural mind to think there is anything worse than the system of White Supremacy? Big old slave name hanging around your neck 500 Years Later and you still think the western man was not the worst thing that happened to us.

The export of democracy around the globe has been the agent of Western hegemonic expansion, yet people who are mentally enslaved still think it is religion that is the agent of their oppression. Religion as an agent was given up with the birth of the free-market, industrialization and modern capitalism– yet the old canards cannot be commuted by a people who are locked into the ideological arguments of Europe 200 years ago. Reality of democracies forceful expansion, war for oils, etc, are not processable in the minds of people who have been enslaved and brainwashed about their enslavement. So powerful is this that a staunch Pan-Africanist, such as Gaddafi, is seen as an enemy by post-slavery victims, but Obama as a friend.


No matter what you give incompetent people, they will use it as part of their destruction. If you pour them water—they will drown themselves. If you give them a rope—they will hang themselves with it.


Mental slavery is a medical disease, it impacts the part of the brain that controls judgment. So the subject is incapable of seeing and exploiting opportunities which are in his or her interest. This is why no matter what is provided they would rather play victim than go for liberation. They do not understand an opportunity so it is squandered.

So when we switch our paradigms, we then realize that the man with his fist in the air, waiting for the SYSTEM to change, or lying down waiting for 40 acres and a BMW is still mentally enslaved, regardless of the hot anti-system rhetoric. Because they cannot use all the tools in modernity to do for self; they have no vision of themselves as autonomous agents outside of the master’s house.

So if a business person was to walk into a community and offer all kinds of wonderful opportunities and development, that person is more likely to be treated with suspicion and rejected because a mentally enslaved group cannot, regardless of how wonderful the opportunities, discern good for self from bad for self.


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